Asia Region Anti-Trafficking Conference

Hybrid Conference in Bali, Indonesia and virtual

We are currently hard at work planning topics and speakers for this year’s conference. Networking has always been a huge big part of ARAT and we plan on several networking specific sessions to return this year. Additionally, topics are suggested

Behavioral Science and Decision Making in Context

The Russell Sage Foundation’s (RSF) core program on Behavioral Science and Decision Making in Context merges its long-standing program on Behavioral Economics and its special initiative on Decision Making and Human Behavior in Context. This program encourages perspectives from multiple disciplines, including economics, psychology, political

Research on Social, Political, and Economic Inequality

The Russell Sage Foundation’s (RSF) program on Social, Political, and Economic Inequality supports original research on the factors that contribute to social, political, and economic inequalities in the U.S., and the extent to which those inequalities affect social, political, psychological, and economic

Strategic Planning for Sustainable Victim Services


Successful incorporation of law enforcement-based victim services is contingent upon a commitment to ongoing strategic planning. Effective agency communication channels, comprehensive and relevant policies, and staff development are key contributors to this effort. Assessment of victim services personnel capacity and

The Brady Education Foundation

The Foundation is currently accepting Research Project (RP) proposals and Existing Program Evaluation (EPE) proposals that have the potential to provide data that will inform how to address disparities in educational opportunities associated with race, ethnicity, and family income.

SIF Community-Based Participatory Research Projects

The Sociological Initiatives Foundation (SIF) is dedicated to the belief that research and action are intrinsically inseparable.  We invite concept proposals for community-led projects that link an explicit research design to a concrete social action strategy.  Projects should have specifically