OVC FY 2022 Preventing Trafficking of Girls

Under this solicitation, experienced organizations will work with OVC’s existing training and technical assistance provider to develop or enhance prevention and early intervention services based on best practices to focus on the needs of girls who are at risk or

Trafficking Victim Assistance Program

The Office on Trafficking in Persons within the Administration for Children and Families is announcing funds for the Trafficking Victim Assistance Program. TVAP’s goal is to directly fund time-limited comprehensive case management services to foreign national adult confirmed and potential

Symposium on Modern Slavery


The inaugural Symposium on Modern Slavery will be hosted by St. James Research Centre (SJRC) August 5th – 6th 2022. SJRC was founded in 2019 and provides evidence-based training and resources to policymakers, practitioners, and students in modern slavery, community-based

2022 CESE Global Summit


The rise of the Internet, social media, and other technologies have completely revolutionized the way people live. Along with the good these developments have made possible, they have also unleashed tidal waves of sexual harm. Modern technology is accelerating the

JuST Conference

Fortworth, TX

This unforgettable and inspiring conference features today’s most pressing issues in the anti-trafficking field. Presentations and workshops focus on skill-building, survivor experiences, cross-discipline collaboration, task force development, case studies and lessons learned. The JuST Conference continues to stand by the

Neo Philanthropy (Ongoing)

Through 12 funds, including the Four Freedoms FundTM and State Infrastructure Fund, NEO has designed and led large-scale collaborative grantmaking funds, connecting donors with aligned values to support work they could not fund as effectively on their own.