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Quarterly Meetings

HT-RADAR Quarterly Meeting

March 24, 2022, from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM (PST) and will be held virtually over Zoom.

Megan Lundstrom, MA
Megan Lundstrom, MA

Cultic Theory – Director of Research and Co-Founder of the Avery Research Center, Megan Lundstrom, MA will be presenting on Cultic Theory. The Avery Center posits that domestic, pimp-controlled sex trafficking – commonly referred to as “The Game” or “The Life”, is a commercial, polygamist cult. This theory is built upon their own research, as well as work from 15 Cult Characteristics by Janja Lalich, PhD., and Michael Langone, PhD; the BITE Model by Steven Hassan, PhD.; and 8 Mind Reform Techniques by Robert Lifton, M.D.

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Community Highlights

Ending Human Trafficking in San Diego: A Collaborative 


In partnership with Point Loma Nazarene University, Rotary District 5340, the San Diego Office of the District Attorney, and the San Diego County Office of Education will host a regional summit in recognition of Human Trafficking Awareness Month on Friday, March 4th. This inter-agency and organization event will host different booths, a keynote speaker and includes a complimentary lunch. This is a great opportunity to engage community members who are in the early stages of learning about sex trafficking. 

Find event details and registration here



New Youth Transition Campus Completed – County of San Diego

A new Youth Transition Campus, designed to be less like an outdated correctional facility and more like a therapeutic, rehabilitative campus, is complete in the Kearny Mesa area of San Diego. The Youth Transition Campus supports young people with longer stays in custody and has been designed to reflect national best practices that promote positive youth development and staff well-being. The standards reflect the San Diego County Board of Supervisors’ commitment to providing resources that help young people succeed and thrive.

More information can be found here

One Safe Place – North County Family Justice Center Opening in Early 2022

At One Safe Place, a team of community partners and volunteers will provide confidential, comprehensive services free of charge to anyone who has experienced domestic violence, child abuse, family violence, elder or dependent adult abuse, sexual assault, hate crime, sex trafficking, or other forms of abuse or violence, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, income, and i

mmigration status. The Center will be a safe space where individual needs are met, clients feel validated, families are protected, and survivors reclaim their lives. More information will be presented on February 14 at 10 AM (PST).

Register for the Webinar here


Los Angeles County Pushes Sex Trafficking Awareness Before and During Super Bowl

LA County launched a multi-pronged anti-trafficking campaign in partnership with LAX, AirBNB, Uber, A21, and the U.S. Institute Against Human Trafficking. The human trafficking hotline will be displayed across different cars, bathroom stalls, airport screens, and hotels. NFL players from different teams partnered with A21’s “It’s A Penalty” campaign to record an awareness video encouraging people to report any suspicion of sex trafficking. The Super Bowl is one of the largest trafficking events of the year. 


Find video with detailed efforts and preparation by LA County officials here 

Healing from Trauma Online Gallery

To encourage understanding of the needs, experiences, and humanity of these survivors this online gallery will be displayed until April 2022. This gallery showcases how survivors have healed, processed, and expressed themselves while exploring, understanding, and moving through their traumatic experiences. Pieces range from self-narratives, graphic design, poems, photography, woven art, paintings, and an autobiography. Representations depict survivors’ realizations, communities, and healing hobbies.

Gallery can be viewed here


General Reports, Opportunities, and Updates

United States Advisory Council on Human Trafficking – Annual Report 2021

The U.S. Advisory Council on Human Trafficking comprises 11 Survivor Leaders who bring their expertise and experience to advise and provide recommendations to the President’s Interagency Task Force to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons (PITF) to improve federal anti-trafficking policies. The Council brings expertise from members’ personal experiences of human trafficking as well as members’ ongoing work and leadership in various national, state, and local anti-trafficking efforts. The Council has organized itself into two committees to conduct its work: the Underserved Populations Committee and the Committee on Administration of Justice.

Annual Report can be found here

President’s Interagency Task Force to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons Meeting

The current administration met for the first time on January 25th, 2022 virtually. Council members, departments, and agencies convened to represent and share their current anti-trafficking efforts currently in place and/or in development. A push for trauma and survivor-informed approaches were a common theme throughout the meeting. Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra announced the establishment of the HHS Task Force to Prevent Human Trafficking.

Recording and transcript of the meeting can be found here

Human Trafficking Guide for Emergency Department Providers – HEAL Trafficking

HEAL Trafficking has compiled a variety of resources for emergency departments to detect human trafficking. Some studies estimate that over 60% of trafficked persons will present at some point during their exploitation to the emergency department. Unfortunately, less than 5% of emergency physicians report feeling confident in their ability to identify a trafficked person, citing confusion around patient characteristics and their role as a provider. This guide covers basic human trafficking training, misconceptions, vulnerabilities, red flags to look out for, and a step-by-step response for encounters in the emergency department.

Emergency department guide can be found here

National Survivor Study – Polaris Invitation to Participate

The National Survivor Study is a scientifically rigorous 

research project developed in full partnership with survivors of human trafficking to gain insights that can be used for real and impactful change. The purpose of this study is to better understand the situations of people who have experienced human trafficking or forced labor at some point in the past in order to improve policies and programs that can help. There are three ways to participate in this study. You can take a 30-minute online survey or participate in a longer focus group discussion or interview. All participation is voluntary and compensated.

Questionnaire to determine eligibility here

Partnerships to Address Labor Trafficking Toolkit – COPS Office

The U.S. Department of Justice Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS Office) and its partner the Institute for Intergovernmental Research (IIR) released 11 short videos addressing labor trafficking for law enforcement, businesses, and the community. The toolkit was created to improve the awareness, responsiveness, and accountability among law enforcement, businesses, communities, and other stakeholders addressing labor trafficking.


The toolkit, video series, and other resources are available here.  

Preliminary State Self-Assessment Overview National Advisory Committee 

The National Advisory Committee on the Sex Trafficking of Children and Youth in the United States has published its most recent report, Preliminary State Self-Assessment Overview, which provides a description of what states have done to implement the recommendations of the Committee. While this preliminary report makes an effort to meet the Committee’s responsibilities prior to its statutory sunset on January 18, 2022, a more comprehensive report including additional analysis of information may be published in the future through discretionary activities supported by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Preliminary report can be found here

Recommendations on Addressing Institutional Inequities and Barriers to Accessing Services for Survivors of Human Trafficking and Communities of Color –  Human Trafficking Leadership Academy

These recommendations and checklist were developed by fellows of Class 7 of the Human Trafficking Leadership Academy (HTLA), a fellowship organized by the National Human Trafficking Training and Technical Assistance Center and Coro Northern California. The fellows make recommendations on minimum expectations for organizations in the anti-human trafficking movement and related fields that receive funding for the purpose of providing support and services to human trafficking survivors and communities of color. These recommendations are intended to build an organization’s capacity to address institutional inequities and barriers to accessing services for survivors of human trafficking and communities/people of color.

Recommendations can be found here

Child Victims and Witnesses Support Materials – Office of Victims of Crime

OVC just released graphic novels and associated guides geared for young victims and witnesses involved in human trafficking cases, and the practitioners and caregivers supporting them. Designed for youth, aged 12−18, the materials feature young characters who are involved in the justice system as a witness or victims of human trafficking and a companion piece about a victim’s or witness’ rights and the roles of the people they might meet. Guides for Practitioners and Parents and Caregivers provide information on how to use the materials, and tips for supporting youth who have experienced human trafficking as they navigate the justice system.

Materials can be found here

19th Annual International Human Trafficking & Social Justice Conference – Submissions Requested

The University of Toledo’s Human Trafficking & Social Justice Institute and Lucas County Human Trafficking Coalition invite you to submit a presentation summary for review to present at the 19th Annual International Human Trafficking & Social Justice Conference (IHTSJC) hosted virtually on September 21-23, 2022. The conference has been the impetus for many research collaborations and has spurred new programming across the globe. The deadline for submissions is March 31, 2022.

Submissions can be made here




HT-RADAR offers information about webinars focused on anti-trafficking work and anti-trafficking research. As the workplace continues to shift, we will continue to offer resources for online educational opportunities, as well as in-person events.

Leveraging Researcher-Practitioner Partnerships to Improve Human Trafficking Prevalence Studies


Hosted by: Center for Victim Research

Description: Rebecca Pfeffer, Ph.D., and Kelle Barrick, Ph.D., shared findings from their scoping review of research methods used to measure the prevalence of human trafficking. Terri Galvan, MPP, shared her experiences as the Executive Director of Community Against Sexual Harm (CASH) assisting sex trafficking survivors through harm reduction and trauma-informed practices and training local law enforcement and other groups on person-centered strategies for helping survivors. 

Indicators of Sex Trafficking in Online Escort Ads


Hosted by: Justice Research and Statistics Association

Description: Law enforcement and prosecutors have long used online escort advertisements to identify sex trafficking victims and investigate cases. Several ad characteristics are used and shared among investigators as signs of trafficking, but they have not yet been empirically tested for predictive power to support investigative decisions or the use of ads as evidence in court.

Human Trafficking Webinar Series: Effective Engagement of Individuals with Lived Experience


Hosted by: US Department of Education

Description: This webinar addresses how school communities can enhance existing trafficking prevention efforts by effectively engaging survivors of trafficking, referred to often as those with lived experience. Such efforts are central to a well-informed, trauma-sensitive, and holistic approach to preventing trafficking. Specific strategies of meaningful outreach, engagement and sustained partnership with survivors of trafficking were shared.

Labor Trafficking Service Delivery: Needs and Essential Partnerships

Date: March 10, 2022 11 AM (PST)

Hosted by: Framework: Tools to combat labor trafficking

Description: This 90-minute webinar event will provide in-depth knowledge on the post-trafficking needs of labor trafficking survivors. Topics will include short- and long-term needs, essential partnerships, partner engagement methods, opportunities for wrap-around services, and an overview of existing resources. This training is tailored for anti-trafficking service providers with existing skills in survivor engagement. Learners will gain an understanding of the post-labor trafficking needs of survivors.

Upcoming Conferences

(Listed at https://ht-radar.com/resources/2020-conferences/)

This resource is regularly updated.  Questions?  Or, know of conferences that you’d like to share with the HT-RADAR network? Contact us!

During this uncertain time, conference dates are changing frequently. Please note these dates may be changed and changes will be updated on the HT-RADAR website.


Ending Human Trafficking in San Diego: A Collaborative Summit

Hosted by Center for Justice & Reconciliation

Event in San Diego: March 4, 2022 

Freedom Network USA Conference-Leveling Up: Human Trafficking in a New Era

Hosted by the Freedom Network

Hybrid Conference in Miami and virtual: ​​ March 16 – 17, 2022

19th Annual Hawai`i International Summit on Preventing, Assessing & Treating Trauma Across the Lifespan Trauma-Informed Care from a Cultural Perspective

Hosted by Institute on Violence Abuse and Trauma

Conference in Honolulu: March 28 – April 1, 2022

2022 Collective Impact Virtual Action Summit

Hosted by Collective Impact Forum

Virtual Conference: April 26-28, 2022

Symposium on Modern Slavery

Hosted by St. James Research Centre

Conference in Scotland: August 5, 2022

Funding Opportunities

(Listed at https://ht-radar.com/2020-funding-opportunities/ )

This resource page is regularly updated.


St. Germaine Children’s Charity (SGCC) Grant

Source: St. Germaine Children’s Charity
Grants to California nonprofit organizations in eligible regions for programs that address child abuse. Funding is intended for quality, effective programs and activities that prevent child abuse, help children who are at risk or have already suffered from abuse and neglect, and generally improve the lives of at-risk children. Eligible programs benefit children in San Diego.

Close Date: February 08, 2022

Sexual and Domestic Violence Prevention Program 

Source: California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES)
The purpose of the SD Program is to prevent sexual and domestic violence through primary and secondary prevention efforts, prioritize marginalized/underserved populations within communities, and build the capacity of local organizations.
Close Date: February 09, 2022

APF Trauma Psychology Grant

Source: American Psychological Foundation
One grant of up to $3,500 to support innovative work to alleviate trauma. Applicants must be an early career psychologist (a doctoral level psychologist who is no more than 10 years postdoctoral); be affiliated with nonprofit charitable, educational, and scientific institutions, or governmental entities operating exclusively for charitable and educational purposes; have a demonstrated knowledge of trauma and trauma research; have demonstrated competence and capacity to execute the proposed work; have IRB approval from host institution before funding can be awarded if human participants are involved.

Close Date: February 15, 2022

Wayne F. Placek Grants

Source: American Psychological Foundation
This grant will support empirical research from all fields of the behavioral and social sciences on any topic related to lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender issues. Must be either a doctoral‐level researcher or graduate student affiliated with an educational institution or a 501(c)(3) nonprofit research organization. Graduate students and early career researchers are encouraged to apply.

Close Date: March 1, 2022

APF Walter Katkovsky Research Grants

Source: American Psychological Foundation
The Walter Katkovsky Research Grants support research on the general topic of psychotherapy. Research proposals should be directed to questions and hypotheses designed to improve our understanding based on theory or methods of how psychotherapy promotes behavioral, emotional, or cognitive changes. While the ultimate goal of the research should be to inform the psychotherapy process, its specific focus may be limited to an underlying assumption, hypothesis, or questions; and the actual design may be “clinical” or “experimental” in terms of subjects and procedures.
Close Date: March 1, 2022

Rigorously Evaluating Programs and Policies to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – ERA
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Injury Prevention and Control is soliciting investigator-initiated research proposals to rigorously evaluate prevention approaches for their impact on the primary prevention of child sexual abuse (CSA) perpetrated by youth or adults. CSA is defined here as sexual victimization during childhood, excluding sexual violence in the specific context of dating/romantic relationships. Research funded under this announcement will strengthen the evidence base for primary prevention of youth- or adult-perpetrated CSA.
Close Date: March 3, 2022

Human Trafficking Research Initiative

Source: Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA)
IPA invites proposals from researchers and organizations that intend to design and carry out impact evaluations exploring interventions to reduce human trafficking or respond to the needs of human trafficking victims but need some additional time and support to push the research project to the next stage.
Close Date: March 11, 2022

FY 2022 Coordinated Tribal Assistance Solicitation 

Source: Department of Justice – Bureau of Justice Assistance
The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) is seeking applications for funding to improve public safety and victim services in tribal communities. The Coordination Tribal Assistance Solicitation (CTAS) provides federally recognized tribes and tribal consortia an opportunity to apply for funding to aid in developing a comprehensive and coordinated approach to public safety and victimization.
Close Date: March 15, 2022

Rigorous Evaluation of Prevention Strategies to Prevent and Reduce Community Rates of Youth Violence

Source: Department of Justice – Bureau of Justice Assistance
The purpose of this announcement is to fund the National Centers of Excellence in Youth Violence Prevention to continue to build the evidence base for violence prevention strategies and approaches that reduce community rates of youth violence within one or more geographically defined communities with rates of community violence that are higher than the national one. Applications should focus on a community or set of communities with high rates of youth violence for all key activities.
Close Date:  April 18, 2022

Ray Solem Foundation Grant

Source: Ray Solem Foundation
Grants of up to $10,000 to USA nonprofit organizations that assist immigrants and specifically address immigrant-related issues. Priority is given to organizations that create innovative solutions for victims of human trafficking, domestic violence, and unaccompanied immigrant youth. The goal of the grant program is to support the well-being of low-income immigrants in the United States, to advance immigrant welfare, and to ultimately help immigrants become valued and productive members of society.

Close Date: April 26, 2022

Grants to USA Nonprofits for Projects and Programs to Benefit Children and Families: When Georgia Smiled Grant

Source: The Robin McGraw and Dr. Phil Foundation
Grants to USA nonprofit organizations for projects and programs to benefit children and families. Funding is intended for activities that address domestic violence, including assault and human trafficking, and organizations that benefit children, especially in the foster care system. The Foundation seeks to support organizations and programs that build awareness, offer solutions and address the needs of children and families to live healthy, safe, and joy-filled lives free of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Close Date: Ongoing 

Wells Fargo Private Foundations

Source: Wells Fargo
Wells Fargo Philanthropic Services provides a full array of services to private and family foundations across the country. For these foundations, Wells Fargo serves as sole trustee, co-trustee, or agent. To serve these foundations, we seek to help non-profit organizations identify appropriate grant resources for specific funding needs. To help you find these grants, we provide a wide range of information about these foundations through our search feature.

Close Date: Ongoing

Neo Philanthropy (Foundation Funding)

Source: Neo Philanthropy
Through 12 funds, including the Four Freedoms Fund™ and State Infrastructure Fund, NEO has designed and led large-scale collaborative grantmaking funds, connecting donors with aligned values to support work they could not fund as effectively on their own.
Close Date: Ongoing

Costco Charitable Contributions (Foundation Funding)

Source: Costco Charitable Contributions Foundation
Costco Wholesale’s primary charitable efforts specifically focus on programs supporting children, education, and health and human services in the communities where we do business. Throughout the year we receive a large number of requests from nonprofit organizations striving to make a positive impact, and we are thankful to be able to provide support to a variety of organizations and causes.

Close Date: Ongoing

W.K. Kellogg Foundation (Foundation Funding)

Source: W.K. Kellogg Foundation
The W.K. Kellogg Foundation supports children, families, and communities as they strengthen and create conditions that propel vulnerable children to achieve success as individuals and as contributors to the larger community and society.

Close Date: Ongoing

Forecasted Opportunities:

Victims of Human Trafficking in Native Communities (VHT-NC) Demonstration Program

Source: Income Security and Social Services
The Office on Trafficking in Persons within the Administration for Children and Families is announcing funds for the Victims of Human Trafficking in Native Communities (VHT-NC) Demonstration Program.  The VHT-NC Demonstration Program’s goal is to directly fund organizations that will build, expand, and sustain organizational and community capacity to deliver services to Native American adults and minors who have experienced a severe form of human trafficking as defined by the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000, as amended, through the provision of direct services, assistance, and referrals.

Estimated Post Date: February 15, 2022

Human Trafficking Prevention Education (HTYPE) Demonstration Program

Source: Office on Trafficking in Persons within the Administration for Children and Families
Under the HTYPE Demonstration Program, the following activities are required: 1) provide human trafficking education that equips educators and other staff to identify and respond to signs that students are at high risk of or are currently experiencing human trafficking; 2) deliver student human trafficking prevention education that is designed to build student resilience to labor trafficking and sex trafficking by strengthening student knowledge and skills; 3) train qualified individuals to implement and replicate project activities throughout the school district or identified target area(s); 4) establish and implement a Human Trafficking School Safety Protocol.

Estimated Post Date: March  7, 2022 

Aspire: Child and Youth Trafficking Assistance Demonstration Program

Source: Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families
Aspire’s goal is to provide national coverage of comprehensive case management and other supportive services to domestic and foreign national children and youth who have experienced severe forms of human trafficking, as defined by the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA) of 2000, as amended, and are not currently receiving, or able to receive, similar trafficking-specific services from another federally funded program.  Aspire must also establish local regional presence to coordinate project activities and direct services.  Case management services must be provided to qualified persons directly by the prime recipient and may also be provided through a network of subcontracted providers, that provide direct services and community referrals
Estimated Post Date: March 20, 2022

Services to Victims of a Severe Form of Trafficking

Source: Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families
OTIP encourages the establishment of community partnerships, meaningful engagement of individuals who have experienced trafficking, and the hiring of qualified professionals that reflect the communities being served in all project implementation strategies.  Under the VHT-SO Pacific Region Demonstration Program, there is a 12-month project implementation period for the prime recipient to facilitate optional partnerships, onboard new staff, develop service protocols specific to foreign nationals who have experienced human trafficking, and develop a sustainability plan.
Estimated Post Date: March 21, 2022

Street Outreach Program

Source: Income Security and Social Services
The Street Outreach Program (SOP) provides street-based services to runaway, homeless, and street youth who have been subjected to or are at risk of being subjected to sexual abuse, prostitution, sexual exploitation, and severe forms of human trafficking in persons.  These services, targeted in areas where street youth congregate, are designed to assist such youth in making healthy choices and providing them access to shelter as well as basic needs, including food, hygiene packages, and information on a range of available services.

Estimated Post Date: March 21, 2022

Domestic Victims of Human Trafficking Services and Outreach Program

Source: Administration for Children and Families
The Office on Trafficking in Persons within the Administration for Children and Families is announcing funding for the Domestic Victims of Human Trafficking Services and Outreach (DVHT- SO) Program.  The DVHT-SO Program’s goal is to fund organizations that will build, expand, and sustain the organizational and local capacity to deliver services to domestic adults and minors who have experienced severe forms of human trafficking as defined by the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000, as amended through victim outreach, identification, case management, direct services, assistance, and referrals.

Estimated Post Date: March 21, 2022

Lighthouse: Services, Outreach, and Awareness for Labor Trafficking Demonstration Program

Source: Administration for Children and Families
The Lighthouse Demonstration Program’s goal is to directly fund organizations that will build, expand, and sustain organizational and community capacity to deliver services to adult and minor, foreign national individuals who have experienced labor trafficking.
Estimated Post Date: March 21, 2022